New initiative highlights UChicago’s unique undergraduate experience

“It’s in our core” asks College students and alumni to share their memories

The undergraduate experience at the University of Chicago is unlike any other. 

Being a member of the UChicago community—with its shared passion for academic rigor and diverse perspectives and backgrounds—is a transformative experience. From College classrooms to residence halls, students who share a love of learning discover how to think more deeply but also how to grow as individuals and future leaders. 

A new initiative from the College, entitled “It’s in our core,” aims to highlight the unique UChicago student experience. Drawing upon stories and memories from current College students and UChicago alumni, it illustrates what makes UChicago so distinctive—and what being on campus teaches you as a person.

“We have so much to be proud of in the College, and having this platform to celebrate generations of undergraduates is really exciting,” said Melina Hale, dean of the College. “We look forward to highlighting what is core to the College experience and sets the UChicago community apart.”

Current College students and UChicago alumni are invited to share their stories, memories and thoughts. Read what others have to say on the “It’s in our core” website at