First class of American Mathematical Society fellows includes 20 from UChicago

Twenty University of Chicago faculty members have been named fellows of the American Mathematical Society for 2013, the program’s initial year. This inaugural class of 1,119 fellows represents more than 600 institutions.

The fellow designation recognizes AMS members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication and utilization of mathematics.

The AMS fellows of the UChicago faculty are:

  • Jonathan L. Alperin, professor in mathematics
  • Spencer J. Bloch, the R.M. Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Mathematics
  • Danny Calegari, visiting professor in mathematics
  • Alex Eskin, the Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor in Mathematics
  • Benson Farb, professor in mathematics
  • George Glauberman, professor emeritus in mathematics
  • Carlos Kenig, the Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor in Mathematics
  • Robert Kottwitz, the Robert S. Reneker Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Mathematics
  • Steven P. Lalley, professor in statistics and mathematics
  • Gregory F. Lawler, professor in mathematics
  • Howard Masur, visiting professor in mathematics
  • J. Peter May, professor in mathematics
  • Bao Châu Ngô, the Francis and Rose Yuen Distinguished Service Professor in Mathematics
  • Paul J. Sally Jr., professor in mathematics
  • L. Ridgway Scott, the Louis Block Professor in Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Robert Soare, the Paul Snowden Russell Distinguished Service Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Panagiotis E. Souganidis, the Charles H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in Mathematics
  • Sidney Webster, professor in mathematics
  • Shmuel Weinberger, chair of Department of Mathematics and professor in mathematics
  • Robert J. Zimmer, President of the University of Chicago

“The AMS is the world’s largest and most influential society dedicated to mathematical research, scholarship and education,” said AMS President Eric M. Friedlander. “Recent advances in mathematics include solutions to age-old problems and key applications useful for society. The new AMS fellows program recognizes some of the most accomplished mathematicians—AMS members who have contributed to our understanding of deep and important mathematical questions, to applications throughout the scientific world, and to educational excellence.”

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