Statements regarding anonymous website incidents

The University of Chicago has issued the following statements in recent days concerning anonymous allegations on non-University websites.

"The University of Chicago has a particular commitment to preventing and addressing sexual misconduct, unlawful harassment, and discrimination, which is essential to sustaining an academic community in which all can participate fully and freely. University efforts have included the creation of student support programs such as the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call, the Bias Response Team, and RSVP (Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention); the growth of confidential resources offered by the Student Counseling Service and the SADoC program; and special training for University police officers in responding to acts of sexual violence. The University also has continued to update its policies and disciplinary processes, as it did in 2006, 2010, 2011, and again this year."


"The University has been made aware of several independent websites on which anonymous, unsupported allegations have been made against University students. In each case, the University has contacted the operators of those sites and asked them to remove this content.

"The University is committed to sustaining an academic community in which all members can participate freely and fully. Part of that is owning and defending one's ideas. Anonymous accusations and commentary do not live up to those values and undermine full participation. Any threats to personal safety are unacceptable. Depending on the facts of a case, anonymous or unsupported accusations, threats, or damaging commentary made by one student or students against other students could rise to a disciplinary issue."