Robert J. Zimmer steps down from position as University of Chicago chancellor

University leader moves to chancellor emeritus role to focus on his health

Editor’s note: The following message was sent July 7 to members of the University community from David M. Rubenstein, chair of the Board of Trustees.

Over the past two years, Bob Zimmer has valiantly dealt with the challenge of glioblastoma while fulfilling his responsibilities as President and then Chancellor of the University of Chicago.

Bob is now stepping down from his current position and becoming Chancellor Emeritus in order to focus his energies principally on his health needs going forward.

As Bob assumes this new position, the Board of Trustees wants to express our extraordinary admiration for Bob’s long-time service to the University, including 15 years as President.

I know I speak for the entire University community in saying that Bob remains in our thoughts, and we hope he and Shadi will continue to address his health challenges to the extent that he and his medical team can best do so.