Cathey Dining Commons reopens

The Cathey Dining Commons reopened on Tuesday, Dec. 4 and resumed full operations.

The Chicago Department of Public Health inspected Cathey Dining Commons on Tuesday morning and gave approval for food preparations to proceed. The dining commons was closed on Thursday, Nov. 29 to respond to the findings of a previous inspection.

Aramark and its contractors performed extensive fumigation and cleaning of the dining commons over the weekend, to exterminate fruit flies in some dining and food preparation areas. These treatments followed industry health and safety standards.

As a gesture of appreciation to the students and staff who eat in all the residential dining commons for their patience while Cathey was closed, UChicago Dining will host special dinners on Sunday, Dec. 9 in Cathey, Bartlett and Pierce Dining Commons.

Bartlett and Pierce Dining Commons, which had extended hours to meet extra demand while Cathey was closed, also returned to regular operating hours on Tuesday.