University statement on climate and the environment

Understanding the scale and nature of the scientific, environmental, economic, policy and public health aspects of climate change demands evidence-based research in an environment of free and open inquiry. The University of Chicago and affiliated laboratories such as the Marine Biological Laboratory remain deeply committed to supporting faculty, students and researchers addressing these important issues from diverse perspectives. These efforts include, but are not limited to, modeling climate change and assessing its ecological and social costs, measuring the economic outcomes of environmental policies, and developing improved battery storage and sustainable water technology in collaboration with our affiliate Argonne National Laboratory. These questions are fundamentally global in nature with specific local inputs and implications. The University’s work on climate and the environment takes place around the globe. This reflects the intrinsic local/global dual nature of the issues, about which there is increasing recognition around the world. This awareness is instantiated in widespread participation in the Paris accords.

In addition, on campus, the University is pursuing numerous energy efficiency measures and is committed to achieving a 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. More information on the University’s work in environmental research and sustainability is available here.