University to purchase Woodlawn houses from Meadville Lombard

The University of Chicago has agreed to purchase two more buildings belonging to Meadville Lombard Theological School, located at 5707 and 5711 S. Woodlawn Ave.

Last month the University and Meadville Lombard announced the sale of the theological school’s main academic and administrative building, subject to the approval of University Trustees.

Meadville Lombard most recently has used the buildings at 5707 and 5711, originally designed as single-family houses, principally for office space. Meadville Lombard officials said its group of buildings on South Woodlawn Avenue no longer serves the seminary’s needs, because its educational model has shifted from a small residential operation to larger classes that use innovative distance-learning methods, combined with periodic intensive classroom sessions. The sales will allow Meadville Lombard to reallocate its resources to its core educational mission.

Meadville Lombard officials said that the search for new space is under way. An announcement about the school’s new facilities is expected toward the end of March.

University officials said that as the University continues to grow, these buildings will fill a need for academic space close to its historic campus, while honoring and maintaining the character of the immediate neighborhood.

The sales of these two buildings are expected to close by summer.