UChicago to offer new postbaccalaureate premedical certificate program

Open to UChicago graduates, certificate offers competitive edge in medical school admissions

For some students, the desire to pursue a career in medicine was the goal from the first day they set foot on the University of Chicago campus; for many, though, that decision comes much later—sometimes too late to complete the array of coursework needed to fulfill the basic requirements of a standard medical school application prior to graduating.

A new postbaccalaureate premedical certificate program seeks to provide UChicago students and alumni an opportunity to effectively extend their clock or return to campus to complete those requirements and strengthen their overall candidacy.

In addition to essential scientific coursework with UChicago’s world-class faculty, this program offers students personalized guidance on course selection and study, mentoring in medical school application preparation, and access to additional resources and support as students seek research and clinical opportunities on the Hyde Park campus and beyond. 

“I’m extremely excited and honored at the opportunity to further guide our students and alumni in their efforts to be admitted to the best medical schools in the country,” said Scott A. Snyder, Professor of Chemistry and Deputy Dean for Professional Programs in the Physical Sciences Division, who will serve as the program’s inaugural director.

“Having previously taught at institutions that had such programs, I’m excited that we can launch such an offering here at the University of Chicago,” Snyder said. “In particular, I think a key and unique strength of our offering is the degree to which the program can be individually tailored for each student, as opposed to merely offering a set sequence of study as is typical of many other programs.”

With effective planning, opportunities to incorporate both research and clinical time alongside coursework can lead to a significant body of experience that medical schools often view as essential elements in any application, Snyder said.

“With these types of programs, the Physical Sciences Division and the University of Chicago continue to be at the forefront of scientific education while continuing to prioritize the needs of our students in an ever-changing higher-ed ecosystem,” said Ka Yee C. Lee, Interim Dean of the Physical Sciences Division. “We are looking forward to providing the solid scientific foundation we are known for to future medical practitioners.” 

For more information, visit the Physical Sciences Division website.