UChicago to highlight its history and future in astronomy and astrophysics Nov. 17-18

Since its founding, the University of Chicago Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics has had a long and storied history, beginning with contributions from luminary George Ellery Hale and building of the Yerkes Observatory in the 19th century, through the modern era and its partnership in building the Giant Magellan Telescope.


To honor that history, and to showcase its latest scientific achievements and vision for the future, the department will will celebrate its 123rd anniversary, along with the University’s 125th, with events on Nov. 17-18.

AstroChicago 123 will take place in the William Eckhardt Research Center, where members of the department make their home in a state-of-the-art research building.

AstroChicago 123 will present talks, panels and a film showcasing the department’s rich heritage and aspirations for the future of astronomy and astrophysics. Topics covered will include the origin and evolution of the universe, the search for Earth twins orbiting distant stars, the most extreme phenomena in the universe, state-of-the-art computing and observation tools, future technologies, and advances in teaching astronomy and astrophysics to students.

To register, visit AstroChicago 123.