Members of Chemistry faculty collect more honors for their research

The University of Chicago chemistry faculty has extended its string of honors and recognitions that began earlier this year.


Jared Lewis, assistant professor in chemistry, is among 16 scientific researchers nationwide to receive a 2011 Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation. Each Packard fellow will receive an unrestricted research grant of $875,000 over five years. This year the Packard Foundation received 99 nominations from 50 invited universities.

Lewis was selected a 2011 Searle Scholar earlier this year. He is creating artificial metallic enzymes to improve the biosynthetic capabilities of organisms for chemical production.

The American Chemical Society honored Laurie Butler, professor in chemistry, as a 2011 fellow at the society’s national meeting held in August in Denver. Since initiating the honor in 2009, the society has named 569 fellows, recognizing chemists from academe, industry and government for outstanding achievement in and contributions to science, the chemistry profession and the ACS.

The Biophysical Society will honor Gregory Voth, the Haig Papazian Distinguished Service Professor in Chemistry, as a 2012 fellow next February in San Diego at the society’s 56th annual meeting. Voth is one of seven new fellows of the society, which cited him “for his transformative advances in the field of biophysics from the development and application of new physically based computational methods.”