University announces new leadership appointments

The University of Chicago has announced two new leadership appointments.

President Robert J. Zimmer appointed Katie Callow-Wright as executive vice president and chief of staff in the President’s Office, effective March 24. She has worked at the University in various roles since 2000, and most currently serves as vice president and secretary of the University and chief of staff. The appointment follows the announcement that David B. Fithian, who has served as executive vice president since 2014, will depart to become president of Clark University.

In addition, Zimmer appointed Lori Berko as vice president and secretary of the University, effective March 24, succeeding Callow-Wright in this role. Berko currently serves as chief of staff in the Office of the Provost and special assistant to President Zimmer.

  • As executive vice president, Callow-Wright will serve as a convener for major efforts and programmatic initiatives that engage multiple administrative offices. She will oversee a range of areas, including campus master planning, architectural design processes for major capital projects and the campus environment, and facilities services as well as the new Rubenstein Forum and the Quadrangle Club. As chief of staff, Callow-Wright will continue to coordinate the work of the senior leadership team of the University and support the work of the president. Other areas of focus in this role will include presidential activities related to development and free expression.
  • As secretary of the University, Berko will serve as the officer with direct responsibility for oversight and facilitation of the many governance practices at the University. She will support all activities related to the University Board of Trustees, including working in partnership with the other officers and deans to facilitate engagement of Trustees and the work of the Board committees. Under Berko’s direction, the Office of the Secretary will continue to play a key role in supporting the work of other University Advisory Councils and boards, including those of the University Medical Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Laboratory Schools, Smart Museum and Court Theatre. In her role, Berko will continue to lead special projects for the Office of the President.