Elizabeth L. Tung

Elizabeth L. Tung, MD, MS is a researcher and practicing internist in the Section of General Internal Medicine at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on disparities in chronic disease management, with a special interest in race, place, and poverty. She has participated in community-based strategies to improve chronic disease management in East St. Louis, Chinatown New York, and West Providence, in addition to her work on the South Side of Chicago. These experiences have led to a vested interest in addressing the social determinants of health and a commitment to eradicating health disparities.

Her current research focuses on two main areas of inquiry. First, she is examining the relationships between race, poverty, and access to healthcare in adults with chronic disease, and has published on topics such as bypassing healthy resources, implicit bias, and retail redlining. Second, Dr. Tung is examining the intersection between community violence and chronic disease and is applying geospatial analytical tools to bridge the worlds of violence epidemiology and health.

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