Daniel Holz

Daniel Holz's research focuses on gravitational waves—ripples in the fabric of space-time created by powerful events like black hole collisions—with a particular focus on what we can learn about physics, astronomy, and cosmology from our detections.

Holz is a member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which made the first detection of gravitational waves. Holz is also a leader in measuring the Hubble constant - the rate at which the universe is expanding—via gravitational wave "standard sirens" (a name he coined in 2006). Holz was among the authors who published the first standard siren measurement, in the wake of the 2017 gravitational-wave detection of a neutron star collision.

Holz Stories

What Ripples in Space-Time Tell Us About the Universe with Daniel Holz (Ep. 17)

UChicago cosmologist discusses discovery of gravitational waves and colliding black holes.