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Matthew Tirrell

Title: Founding Pritzker Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering

Expertise: Biomolecular engineering, Polymers

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Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer

Title: Helen A. Regenstein Distinguished Service Professor of Classics and the Program in Gender Studies; Director, The Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge

Expertise: Culture, Humanities, Rhetoric, Classical, Ancient novel, Ancient Rome, Cultural impacts on knowledge formation

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Randolph Stone

Title: Clinical Professor of Law

Expertise: Criminal and juvenile justice, Indigent defense, Race and criminal justice

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Waldo Johnson Jr.

Title: Associate Professor in the School of Social Service Administration; Faculty Affiliate of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture

Expertise: Non-resident fathers, African Americans, African Americans, Parenting

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Robert Chaskin

Title: Professor in the School of Social Service Administration

Expertise: Social policy, Anthropology, Science of cities, Community, Youth

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Randal Picker

Title: James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law

Expertise: Network industries, Policy, Bankruptcy, Commercial transactions, Law, The Internet and intellectual property, Technology, Law and technology, E-Commerce; copyright

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Randall D. Schmidt

Title: Clinical Professor of Law

Expertise: Employment discrimination, the Illinois Human Rights Act and the agencies that enforce it, Admiralty issues, Salvage/treasure hunting

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Susan Lambert

Title: Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration

Expertise: Family, Low-wage workers, Employment, Organizational theory and management, Workplace flexibility

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Paul Sereno

Title: Professor in Organismal Biology & Anatomy

Expertise: Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Paleontology, Paleontology, Evolution

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Robert Rosner

Title: William Wrather Distinguished Service Professor in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics, the Enrico Fermi Institute and the College

Expertise: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Science policy, Space

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