Thomas Gajewski

Thomas Gajewski oversees the melanoma oncology clinic, is leader of the Immunology and Cancer Program at the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center, and directs the Human Immunologic Monitoring core facility. His laboratory studies the molecular and cellular regulation of T lymphocyte activation and differentiation, and applies this information to preclinical and clinical efforts to promote anti-tumor immunity in vivo.

Gajewski is investigating and developing new treatments for patients with melanoma, with a special interest in the development of immunotherapies against the disease. He also leads development of immune-based therapies for other cancers, using new laboratory data on how the immune system is regulated to develop novel clinical trials. Gajewski has published more than 200 papers on these subjects, has served on numerous NIH grant review panels and is an editor for Cancer Research and Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer.

He is on the program committees for the American Society for Clinical Oncology and the American Association for Cancer Research, and is past president of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. 

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