Supratik Guha

Supratik Guha uses nanoscale materials to make advances in computer architecture, sensors, and energy conversion technologies. A world-leading materials scientist, Prof. Guha has provided expert testimony to Congress on the importance of quantum technology. His work on sensing systems includes the development of Thoreau, a fully buried wireless sensor network that maps real-time soil measurements of the UChicago campus, and a similar network of sensors that maps water quality at high resolution in rivers in India such as the Ganga, Yamuna and Godavari rivers. His research also includes the development of new sensor technologies for measuring critical parameters in soil and water.

A scientist at IBM for 20 years, Prof. Guha pioneered the materials research that led to the company’s high-κ dielectric metal gate transistor technology, one of the most significant developments in silicon technology in decades. This technology is widely used in smartphones and high-performance computers today worldwide. 

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