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Hubbell’s research focuses on tissue engineering, including designing materials to guide processes of morphogenesis through engineering of extracellular matrix molecules and growth factors, to create implants that are drug-like in their function. He and his team are also developing molecular- and materials-engineering approaches in immunotherapy, including focusing vaccination on infectious disease and cancer.

Earlier this year, Hubbell received the Society for Biomaterials' Founders Award, the highest honor bestowed by the society. Hubbell has co-founded five companies, three of which are based on or related to research he directs at his UChicago laboratory. The companies include ClostraBio, a startup that is developing treatments for food allergies, Kuros Biosciences, which develops growth factor engineering and biomaterials technology for surgical sealants and tissue repair agents, and QGel, which develops biomaterials matrices for cell culture in drug discovery.