Global Capitalism and Unevenness Rethought: Modern India

Professor Moishe Postone from the Department of History at the University of Chicago gives a talk on ‘Marx, Modernity and Temporality’ at UChicago Center in Delhi.

Connection Series: Literary Readings by Anne Waldman and Janice Pariat

Two celebrated poets Anne Waldman and Janice Pariat read best of their poetry at the UChicago Center in Delhi.

Crisis of Liberal Democracy: Some “Rudolphian” Reflections

Honoring the lives and scholarly contributions of Susanne Hoeber Rudolph and Lloyd Rudolph.

2017 UChicago MLK Celebration with Bryan Stevenson

University of Chicago's 27th annual MLK Commemoration Celebration features a keynote address by Bryan Stevenson

Prejudice, Stigma, Discrimination: Combatting Exclusions Through Policy and Law

At the UChicago Center in Delhi, scholars and faculties from UChicago and other universities presented their papers on Prejudice, Stigma, and Discrimination.