Poetry reading by Jim Powell

A poetry reading by Jim Powell as part of the Poem Present series at The University of Chicago. Copyright 2005 The University of Chicago.

Early-onset Breast Cancer among Black Women

Why do black women have a disproportionately high rate of breast cancer at an earlier age? A new interdisciplinary research center hopes to unravel the genetic, behavioral, and social causes of this health disparity. Copyright 2004 The University of C...

Demons, Angels and Unnatural Beings

In Renaissance demonology, the relationship between humans and fallen angels is essentially a dialogue. Armando Maggi examines this rhetorical interaction--how demons seduce humans into speaking their language--and reconsiders an impossible question t...

Circuit-Breaking: The Startle Response and Neuromotor Function

Neurobiologist Melina E. Hale investigates how fish respond to predators in order to better understand neuro-mechanics in humans, providing a basis to address neurological disorders and spinal cord injury. Copyright 2004 The University of Chicago.

The Chicago Judges Project

The Chicago Judges Project

The Collected Works of Ben Jonson

University of Chicago Professor David Bevington discusses the process of publishing the comprehensive new electronic and print editions of Ben Jonson's work, which will feature modernized language and will include secondary materials such as costume a...

Streets of Glory

In 'Streets of Glory: Church and Community in a Black Urban Neighborhood' University of Chicago sociologist Omar McRoberts explores the relationships between urban 'storefront' churches and the community in which they are situated. Copyright 2003 The ...

Protective Hypothermia

Cardiac arrest and industrial cooling? Dr. Lance Becker of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory researchers have discovered an improbable link between the two that may transform treatment for heart attacks. Copyright 2003 The Univ...

Poloxamer-188: A Revolutionary Approach to Healing Injury

University of Chicago researchers Raphael Lee, M.D., and Ka Yee Lee, Ph.D., discuss how a synthetic surfactant called Poloxamer-188 has been shown to seal cell membranes damaged from electrical shock, restoring cell integrity and enhancing tissue survi...

Gut Instincts: Keeping Killer Bacteria Quiet

University of Chicago researcher John Alverdy, M.D., has discovered a way to keep bacteria from communicating, which may help save surgical patients from dying of infection. Copyright 2005 The University of Chicago.