Constitutional law

Curtis Bradley

Title: Professor of Law

Expertise: International law, Constitutional law, Federal courts, Presidential power

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Adam Chilton

Title: Professor of Law; Walter Mander Research Scholar

Expertise: Law, Empirical legal studies, Constitutional law

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William Baude

Title: Professor of Law, Aaron Director Research Scholar

Expertise: Constitutional law, Supreme Court, Originalism, Philosophy

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Mary Anne Case

Title: Arnold I. Shure Professor of Law

Expertise: Constitutional law, First Amendment, Sexual harassment, Law

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Eric Posner

Title: Kirkland & Ellis Distinguished Service Professor of Law

Expertise: Financial regulation, International law, Constitutional law, Human rights, American political institutions, Federal courts

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David Strauss

Title: Gerald Ratner Distinguished Service Professor of Law

Expertise: U.S. Presidency, Supreme Court, Freedom of expression, Constitutional law, Segregation, Affirmative action, Civil rights

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Alison LaCroix

Title: Robert Newton Reid Professor of Law

Expertise: History, Constitutional law, Government, Federalism

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