University to test emergency alert system Dec. 5

UChicago officials will conduct a scheduled test of cAlert, the emergency notification system, at or around noon on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

The cAlert system is designed to notify the campus community immediately in the case of the most severe, life-threatening emergencies—situations that require immediate action by members of the community.

In Wednesday’s test, as in a real emergency, every member of the University community will receive a notification by up to 10 methods, including automated phone calls to desk and cell phones, text messages and emails. Each message will give the user a simple way to confirm receipt of the message. Recipients are strongly encouraged to confirm—users who do not confirm may receive a second alert.

In the case of a real emergency, a cAlert message would include how to take action to be safe, and where to turn for more information.

All faculty, staff and students were automatically enrolled in the cAlert system using the information in the University directory. Please visit to verify your information. Questions about the system can be sent to For more information on safety at the University of Chicago, please see