Stacy Tessler Lindau

Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, MAPP is a practicing gynecologist and population health scientist. She develops technology-based interventions to solve large-scale problems impeding the health of women and especially marginalized populations. Dr. Lindau is the director of the University of Chicago Medicine's Program in Integrative Sexual Medicine (PRISM), which provides care for and studies female sexual function in the context of aging, cancer and other common illnesses. She is director of WomanLab, a virtual platform to promote preservation and recovery of female sexual function, and she was founding chair of the international Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer. Most of Dr. Lindau's patients have sexual health concerns caused by cancer or its treatment. Dr. Lindau is also founder and chief innovation officer of NowPow, LLC, a mission-driven IT company, and president of MAPSCorps, a community asset mapping organization. These organizations identify and match people to vital community resources for wellness, chronic disease management and caregiving.

A respected physician scientist, Dr. Lindau has a master's degree in public policy from the University of Chicago.

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