Richard A. Shweder

Richard A. Shweder is a cultural anthropologist and the Harold H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Human Development. He has also published extensively on matters relevant to the "culture wars" debates in cultural studies in the United States and has advocated forms of cultural pluralism while being mindful of the practical and ethical difficulties certain kinds of pluralism entail. His recent research examines the scopes and limits of pluralism and the multicultural challenge in Western liberal democracies. He examines the norm conflicts that arise when people migrate from Africa, Asia and Latin America to countries in the “north.”

Prof. Shweder is the author of Thinking Through Cultures: Expeditions in Cultural Psychology (1991) and Why Do Men Barbecue? Recipes for Cultural Psychology (2003). In 2016, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Psychological Anthropology.

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