Narayanan “Bobby” Kasthuri

Neuroscientist Narayanan 'Bobby' Kasthuri explores how the brain changes as it grows. The Kasthuri lab is pioneering new techniques for large-volume reconstructions of the fine structure of the nervous system—particularly complete and comprehensive maps of the brain. The images his team creates—using high-energy X-rays—provide enough data to identify the location of every neuron, blood vessel, and component of the brain. Scientists can use these maps to better understand diseases such as autism, diabetes, and stroke by comparing maps of diseased brains to those of healthy ones. He also studies how microorganisms affect the structure and function of developing neurons on the outer edges of the brain.

Prof. Kasthuri is also a neuroscience researcher at Argonne National Laboratory.

Kasthuri Stories

Mapping the Human Brain with Bobby Kasthuri (Ep. 12)

UChicago neuroscientist describes a high-tech effort to map the brain’s trillions of neurons and understand what makes humans unique.