Daniel Fabrycky

Daniel Fabrycky investigates the formation and evolution of planets and stars, specializing in exoplanets. He precisely measures the timing of transits, the mini-eclipses that planets cause as they pass in front of their stars, to characterize multiple-planet systems.  He has contributed to the discovery and statistical understanding of hundreds of exoplanet systems, many of which rival the Solar System in complexity. Assoc. Prof. Fabrycky led telescope open houses and organized several seminar series at Princeton University and he received a Hubble Fellowship from NASA for research at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Michelson Fellowship from NASA for research at Harvard University.

He is co-author of numerous publications, including A resonant chain of four transiting, sub-Neptune planets (2016), The Occurrence and Architecture of Exoplanetary Systems (2015), and Shrinking Binary and Planetary Orbits by Kozai Cycles with Tidal Friction (2007).

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