William Nickell

William Nickell is a cultural historian specializing in mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century Russia, with particular interest in the 1840s, turn-of-the century, and 1930s-40s. His research focuses on media studies and cultural production, with close attention to the effects of large-scale social, economic and technical change. He has recently become involved in a large project examining the aesthetics of medical practice and experience in Russia and the United States.

Asst. Prof. Nickell has also published extensively on Leo Tolstoy, including a forthcoming companion to War and Peace. His first book, The Death of Tolstoy: Russia on the Eve, Astapovo Station, 1910 (2010), received honorable mention for the MLA’s Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures. He teaches courses on Russian and American media culture, Soviet Everyday Life, Russian and Soviet Modernist Theater, Medical Aesthetics, and Russian literature.

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