Susan C. Levine

Susan C. Levine is the Rebecca Anne Boylan Distinguished Service Professor of Education and Society in the Department of Psychology and Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago. She serves as the inaugural faculty director of the University of Chicago Science of Learning Center, an outgrowth of the Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center, an NSF Science of Learning Center of which Levine was a co-PI. She has an extensive track record of research in the area of mathematical development, addressing both content knowledge and attitudes about math learning. Her research focuses on the development of early mathematical thinking, including numerical and spatial aspects of math, and how variations in home and school input relate to children's learning and attitudes in this domain.

Prof. Levine also studies the effects of early parent-child language interactions on the language and cognitive development, including mathematical development, of children who have incurred a pre- or perinatal brain injury. She has recently summarized these findings in a series of articles and in a co-authored book entitled Neural Plasticity and Cognitive Development: Insights from Children with Perinatal Brain Injury (2012).

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