Rick L. Stevens

Rick Stevens is the Associate Laboratory Director of the Computing, Environment and Life Sciences Directorate and Argonne Distinguished Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory, and a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago, with significant responsibility in delivering on the U.S. national initiative for Exascale computing and developing the DOE initiative in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Science.

His research spans the computational and computer sciences from high-performance computing architecture to the building of tools and methods for bioinformatics, cancer, infectious disease, and other problems in science and engineering. A recent focus has been the development of AI methods for a variety of scientific and biomedical problems. He also specializes in collaborative visualization technology and grid computing. At Argonne, he leads both the Laboratory’s AI for Science and Autonomous Discovery initiatives. He is currently focusing on high-performance computing systems which includes collaborating with industry partners to launch Argonne’s first exascale computer, Aurora, as well as the National AI Accelerator Testbed which brings together leading AI scientists to provide an open and unbiased environment for the evaluation of emerging AI accelerator technologies designed to accelerate training and inference for deep learning models.

Prof. Stevens is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and has received many national honors for his research, including an R&D 100 award and most recently has been named a Fellow of the Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) for his continuing contributions to high-performance computing.

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