Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes, who joined UChicago’s Computer Science department in January, has been researching and creating interactive devices that overlap with the user’s body. Through a combination of computer science, engineering and art, these devices are designed as wearable interfaces and investigate how interfaces will connect to our body in a more direct and personal way. Asst. Prof. Pedro and his team materializes these ideas by creating interactive systems that intentionally borrow parts of the user’s body for input and output, thus allowing computers to be more directly interwoven in our bodily senses and actuators.

Asst. Prof. Pedro’s work is published at top-tier conferences (ACM CHI & UIST) and demonstrated at venues such as SIGGRAPH and IEEE Haptics. As part of his research, he has exhibited at Ars Electronica 2017, Science Gallery Dublin and World Economic Forum in San Francisco. His work also captured the interest of media, such as MIT Technology Review, NBC, Discovery Channel, New Scientist and WIRED.

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