Marc J. Knez

Marc J. Knez specializes in strategic and organizational decision-making, technology strategy, and new venture strategy. His primary current focus is on strategy development in the context of the existing digital revolution. His early academic research focused on applying game theory and decision theory to strategic decision-making, and evolved to focus on market analysis, strategy development, and organizational effectiveness. His work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, the Journal of Business, and the Journal of Labor Economics

Prof. Knez has been a full-time management consultant working with clients in financial services, telecommunications equipment, hospitality, and consumer products. During his time as a consultant, he was a senior vice president of Sibson Consulting and a principal at the Capital H Group. He is currently on the board of directors of the Metropolitan Capital Bank. He believes his past experience provides him with the ability to bring both perspectives to the classroom. He specializes in bridging the gap between academic research and applied decision-making in the context of strategy development and technological change.