Gina C. Pieters

An economist specializing in international economics, Gina C. Pieters specifically investigates the use and implication of cryptocurrencies as a globally traded alternative to national currencies or assets. This incorporates topics such as exchange rates, the global financial system, and monetary policy, as well as incentives in decentralized systems. Her work has shown that cryptocurrencies are being used to evade exchange rate controls, and that adoption of financial regulations impact cryptocurrency prices across platforms.

She is a co-author of the published report Distributed Ledger Technology Systems: A Conceptual Framework, an interdisciplinary, academic-industry partnership to create a unified language and analytic framework that both researchers, developers, and policy-makers can use to allow analyze, discus, and regulate DLT's (and blockchains).

Asst. Prof. Pieters has published multiple academic papers  and won numerous teaching awards due to her ability to explain difficult, technical concepts to a lay-audience. In addition, she is also a research fellow at the Centre for Alternative Finance at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

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