Dwight N. Hopkins

Dwight Hopkins is a constructive theologian working in the areas of contemporary models of theology, various forms of liberation theologies and East-West cross-cultural comparisons. Prof. Hopkins is interested in multidisciplinary approaches to the academic study of religious thought, especially cultural, political, economic and interpretive methods.

Prof. Hopkins initiated and managed a 14-country network to think about the practices of building healthy communities and healthy individuals in communities. With representatives from Fiji, Australia, Japan, India, England, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil and the United States, the network forged learning about neighbors through neighbors sharing their cultures. Prof. Hopkins noted that in international transactions of business, one of the greatest challenges is lack of cultural understanding. Through this project and research, he noted that cultures facilitate harmony and balance and a higher vision and transcendent values glue the global together spiritually.

Prof. Hopkins has written many articles and books sharing his ideas and research findings. He is also an ordained American Baptist minister.

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