The quarterly Dean's Craft of Teaching Seminar is the flagship seminar of the Craft of Teaching program, centered on issues of course design and institutional context. Abstract: The humanities, scholars and educators continue to sense, are increasingly associated on college campuses with pre-professional requirements, a warm-up act to the real task of preparing students for a range of existing and tightly specified careers. The data suggest that the curricular presence of the humanities (core courses; gen-ed requirements; concentrations or majors) is being accordingly and considerably reduced. Yet it may be suggested -- not without controversy -- that preparation in the humanities serves not only its own edifying ends but also the formation of sensibilities and skills without which the professions are severely impoverished. In light of these problems, Prof. Peter Kaufman (Jepson School of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond) reinvented himself at the age of 63, leaving an R1 where he taught undergraduate courses in the history of Christianity and graduate courses in religious studies (from late antiquity to early modern Europe) to engage the issues represented in the materials included for this seminar, and to continue developing what could be called an extra-curricular avocation to promote the indispensability of the humanities to the practice of leadership in our changing society. This seminar confronts the formidable challenges facing the profession, in order to consider the role that Swift Hall graduates have the opportunity to play in stewarding the future of the humanities. Peter Iver Kaufman (PhD, 1975) is the 2016 Divinity School Alumnus of the Year. He studies the political cultures of late antique, medieval, and early modern Europe and North Africa. He has written nine books and more than 40 articles on authority, religious conflict, and literary history, which have appeared in, among other journals, Leadership and the Humanities, Journal of Late Antiquity, Harvard Theological Review, Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, and Journal of the American Academy of Religion. He is editor-in-chief of Religions and editor of a series of monographs on the religion around iconic figures from Dante and Dürer to Virginia Woolf, Billie Holiday, and Bob Dylan. He has also edited five books, ranging from studies of charisma to others on leadership and Elizabethan culture. The Craft of Teaching (CoT) is the Divinity School's program of pedagogical development for its graduate students, dedicated to preparing a new generation of accomplished educators in the field of religious studies. We bring together Divinity School faculty, current students, and an extensive alumni network of decorated teachers to share our craft and to advance critical reflection on religious studies pedagogy


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June 3, 2016
Published: June 20, 2016
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