The recent protests on campus brought about multiple formal complaints alleging that students violated University policies, including by engaging in disruptive conduct. Members of the University community may have questions about how the process works in such cases. 

The University adheres to a well-defined, faculty-led Disciplinary System for Disruptive Conduct that was developed and approved by the Council of the University Senate in 2017. It is essential that this process is followed consistently to afford due process to both complainants and respondents. 

Once a formal complaint is received and, if the Disciplinary Committee faculty lead concurs that the complaint is credible, the matter may be referred to the Standing Disciplinary Committee on Disruptive Conduct to determine if policies have been violated. These processes do not involve University leaders, including the President or Provost.

When such complaints are referred to the Disciplinary Committee, degrees may be withheld until the case is resolved in order to allow a complete process. However, as with many situations, for example when certain degree requirements are still being completed, students may participate in Convocation. Degrees can be conferred expeditiously, depending upon the resolution.  

The faculty and staff members who serve in established roles in this process perform an important service to the campus community. They act to ensure the consistency, fairness, and fidelity of the University’s procedures, and it is important that these matters proceed accordingly.