Big Brains

About Big Brains

Big Brains features the pioneering minds at UChicago and beyond, highlighting groundbreaking research and ideas from leading scholars across the country.

Since debuting in 2018, the podcast’s 100-plus episodes have featured Nobel laureates, legal experts and social scientists—discussing everything from police reform to the mysteries of our universe to the importance of talking to strangers. 

Big Brains translates these big ideas and complex discoveries into digestible brain food. 

Big Brains, little bites.


Image of Paul Rand conducting an interview

About the Host

Paul M. Rand

Paul has served as vice president for communications since joining the University in August 2017. He views podcasts as a unique medium to connect faculty with new audiences to show the value of rigorous scholarship, while highlighting trusted scholarly voices in an age of misinformation. The driving force behind Big Brains’ creation in early 2018, Rand serves as the podcast’s curious host, fostering discussions that feel more like dinner party conversations than academic lectures.

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