Dean's Winter Craft of Teaching Seminar with Prof. Constance Furey

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March 14, 2014
May 6, 2014
UChicago Creative


Led by Divinity School alumna Constance Furey (PhD, History of Christianity, 2000), Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair in the Department of Religious Studies at Indiana University.   Professor Furey is a two-time recipient of the Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award (2004, 2009) and author of Erasmus, Contarini, and the Religious Republic of Letters (Cambridge, 2006).  She is presently at work on a book project entitled, Crowded Interiors: Sacred Selves and Relationships in English Renaissance Poetry, focusing on how devotional poetry by both male and female writers in the English Renaissance re-imagined intimate relationships as sites of utopian longing and fulfillment.  Prof. Furey will discuss her approaches to religious studies pedagogy, particularly in relationship to her classes "Sex and Gender in the Reformation" and "Reformation: Body and the Word."

Recorded in Swift Hall on March 14, 2014.