The American newsroom is quickly evolving, changing the way people get information on the major events and issues in world around them. Gone are the days when viewers had to huddle in front of the TV to watch the evening broadcast. With the sophistication of disrupters like BuzzFeed, Gawker and VICE, and the coming of age of millennials, today’s news is often provided via high-velocity headlines on easy to use online platforms. But how do these modern news media players impact journalism as a whole? Are these popular news sites overly sensationalist, or simply making journalism more accessible to the masses? Do they have an agenda? Can they match traditional news outlets in depth, substance, and accuracy? And, does the mixing of hard news with lighter fare dilute their product or strengthen it?
The IOP hosted Rocco Castoro, Editor in Chief of VICE; Max Read, Editor in Chief of Gawker; and Ben Smith, Editor in Chief of BuzzFeed to discuss media in the 21st Century. These pioneers of modern journalism reflected on the nature of their work, how they view their roles as disrupters, and what’s next for journalism.


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