Every good company begins with a great idea. But how do you turn your great idea into a successful company? This process is difficult for any entrepreneur, but those in the energy industry take on the additional difficulty of addressing complex and long-term problems. Watch EPIC and the Polsky Center for a conversation on what it takes to build an energy start-up and survive—from what makes a good pitch and how to get funding to the unique challenges energy entrepreneurs face today and the opportunities presented by falling energy costs.
The panel discussion included Amy Francetic the managing director at the Invenergy Future Fund, Manoj Kumar, the CEO and co-founder of Social Alpha and head of innovation at Tata Trusts, and Charles Murray, the president and co-founder of the energy start-up Switched Source. Steve LeVine, Future Editor at Axios, moderated the panel. Bala Srinivasan, interim head of the Polsky Center and vice president of global initiatives and strategy for the University of Chicago, gave opening remarks.