Latin America has become a place where effective and innovative policies have been born. Success stories have positioned countries like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru in the spotlight of the global policy debate. To recognize this development, and to engage with particular accomplishments in the region, Latin American Matters (LAM) convened the First Latin American Policy Forum: “Success Stories from Latin America.” Forum participants included: Álvaro Uribe, former president of Colombia; Richard M. Daley, Chicago Harris distinguished senior fellow and former mayor of Chicago; Cristián Larroulet, secretary general of the presidency of Chile; Jaime Lerner, mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, and other policy leaders. LAM is a student organization at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy that seeks to improve the position of the University of Chicago in Latin America, and to bring policy debates from Latin American to UChicago community.


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