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Trevor Price's research group studies the roles of sexual selection and natural selection in speciation, specifically the causes and consequences of speciation in birds. Their research is driven by fieldwork, but is usually complemented by lab-work and theoretical studies.

The current focus of Price's research is focused on bird species diversity along the Himalayas, especially to answer the question why there are twice as many species in the eastern Himalayas as the west. Most of their previous work in the Himalayas has been done on Old World Leaf Warblers, or the Phylloscopus warblers. They are now expanding this work to other bird groups. A second major research project is on urban bird communities, including Dark-eyed Junco that populates the University of California at San Diego. His new book Speciation in Birds was published in summer 2007.

Price earned a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, and he was a postdoctoral fellow at Chicago in 1984, when he received the American Society of Naturalists Young Investigator's Award. He returned to the University as a professor in 2003, and received a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship for research in 2005 and the E.O. Wilson Naturalist Award in 2007.

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