John M. Barrios

John M. Barrios' general research interests focus on the intersection of labor economics and financial and managerial accounting. Specifically, his research has examined the areas of human capital, financial reporting, regulation, managerial incentives, and corporate governance. In addition to his research, he has experience as an economic analyst for a political strategist.

Asst. Prof. Barrios co-authored the working paper, The Cost of Convenience: Ridehailing and Traffic Fatalities, which found that arrival of ride-hailing across U.S. cities was associated with an increase in the number of motor vehicle fatalities and fatal accidents.

Asst. Prof. Barrios earned his PhD in accounting from the University of Miami. During his time in the PhD program, he was awarded the KPMG Scholarship from the KPMG Foundation. Additionally, he holds a master’s in professional accounting from the University of Miami and a BS in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University.

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