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Geoffrey Greene studies female steroid hormones and the molecular mechanisms by which they regulate development, differentiation and/or cellular proliferation and survival in hormone responsive tissues and cancers. Estrogens regulate the expression of diverse regulatory proteins and growth factors via one or both of two estrogen receptor subtypes (ER^I+/- & ER^I^2). Greene’s laboratory studies multiple aspects of ER action.

Projects in Greene’s lab have direct relevance and application to breast and uterine cancer genesis, progression, treatment and prevention, as well as to the development of compounds that can be used for hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women.

Greene earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from Northwestern University in 1974, and came to the University in 1974 as a postdoctoral trainee in the Ben May Laboratory for Cancer Research. He joined the faculty as an assistant professor in 1980 and became a professor in 1991. Greene has received a number of prestigious awards for his research contributions and serves on several national committees as well as journal editorial boards.

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