The Microbiome Center at UChicago, MBL, and Argonne National Laboratory

The Microbiome Center at UChicago, MBL and Argonne National Lab

New Microbiome Center merges expertise of UChicago, MBL and Argonne


The Microbiome Center at the University of Chicago, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory brings together expertise and capabilities across disciplines and three world-class institutions to the vast frontier that is the world of tiny microbes. The communities of these microbes—bacteria, viruses, and fungi—impact every ecosystem on earth, including human bodies, oceans, our homes, and land around us. The Microbiome Center brings together an unprecedented group of researchers and scientists who are leading diverse fields of study. By galvanizing this expertise, the Microbiome Center will tackle complex questions, help scientists quickly translate their findings to private and clinical sectors, and train the next generation of microbiome scientists.