Media Contacts

Media Contacts in Central Communications

  • Research news and faculty interviews:
  • Colleen Mastony
    Sr. Director of Media Relations,
    University Communications 

    (773) 844-5853

  • Evan Williams

    Media Relations Analyst,
    University Communications

    (773) 834-3509

  • Institutional issues:
  • Jeremy Manier

    Assistant Vice President,
    University Communications

    (773) 702-8187

  • Gerald McSwiggan

    Associate Director of Public Affairs,
    University Communications

    (202) 550-0298

Communication Contacts for Divisions and Schools

  • Booth School of Business

    Marielle Sainvilus

    Director of Communications Chicago Booth

    (773) 531-2894

  • Becker Friedman Institute for Economics

    Karen Anderson

    Sr. Director of Policy, Communications and External Affairs

    (202) 492-8269

  • Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice

    Julie Jung

    Director of Marketing and Communications Crown Family School

    (773) 612-4150

  • Divinity School

    Terren Ilana Wein

    Director of Communications Divinity School

    (773) 208-1324

  • Energy Policy Institute

    Victoria Ekstrom High

    Sr. Director of Communications

    (617) 401-2759

  • Harris School of Public Policy

    Dave Stone

    Sr. Director of Communications Harris School of Public Policy

    (312) 206-4621

  • Humanities Division

    Sara Patterson

    Director of Communications Humanities Division

    (312) 420-5302

  • Institute of Politics

    Koran Addo

    Director of Communications Institute of Politics

    (773) 797-7372

  • Law School

    Becky Gillespie

    Director of Content University of Chicago Law School

    (773) 834-3402

  • Marine Biological Laboratory

    Diana Kenney

    Associate Director of Communications Marine Biological Laboratory

    (508) 685-3525

  • Medical Center

    Ashley Heher

    Director of Media Relations and Breaking News UChicago Medicine


  • Physical Sciences Division and Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

    Meredith Davis

    Media Manager, PSD and PME University Communications

    (773) 612-4150

  • Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

    Melissa Abraham

    Executive Director, Strategic Communications & Marketing Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

    (323) 334-7302

  • Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz

    Associate Director of Media Relations Polsky Center

    (312) 286-0060

  • Social Sciences Division

    Elizabeth Braun Rush

    Executive Director of Strategic Communications Social Sciences Division

    (314) 602-3299