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James Heckman

Title: Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor in Economics and in the College and the Harris School of Public Policy

Expertise: Economics, Labor supply, Labor markets, Education, Early childhood development, Job training

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John Mark Hansen

Title: Charles L. Hutchinson Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Political Science and the College

Expertise: Government, Public budgeting, Politics, U.S. Electoral College, Elections, Public policy, Public opinion

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Harold Pollack

Title: Helen Ross Professor at the School of Social Service Administration

Expertise: Substance Abuse, Poverty, Emergency room usage, Health, Welfare, Drug abuse and dependence

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Geoffrey Stone

Title: Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor in the Law School

Expertise: Constitutional rights, Supreme Court, Wartime, Constitutional rights in wartime, First Amendment

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Funmi Olopade

Title: Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics

Expertise: General hemotology and oncology, Cancer, Breast cancer, Risk assessment and prevention

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Emily Buss

Title: Mark and Barbara Fried Professor of Law

Expertise: Children’s rights, Juvenile justice, Foster care, Parental rights

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Eric Posner

Title: Kirkland & Ellis Distinguished Service Professor of Law

Expertise: Financial regulation, International law, Constitutional law, Human rights, American political institutions, Federal courts

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Emilio Kourí

Title: Professor of History and the College, Director of the Katz Center for Mexican Studies

Expertise: Modern Mexico, Rural ecology, Cuba and the Spanish Caribbean, Social and economic history of Latin America

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Dipesh Chakrabarty

Title: Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor

Expertise: India, Colonialism, South Asia, Modern Bengal

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David Galenson

Title: Professor of Economics and the College

Expertise: Artists, Contemporary painters, Auctions, Art, Economics, Creativity

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