Poloxamer-188: A Revolutionary Approach to Healing Injury

University of Chicago researchers Raphael Lee, M.D., and Ka Yee Lee, Ph.D., discuss how a synthetic surfactant called Poloxamer-188 has been shown to seal cell membranes damaged from electrical shock, restoring cell integrity and enhancing tissue survi...

Gut Instincts: Keeping Killer Bacteria Quiet

University of Chicago researcher John Alverdy, M.D., has discovered a way to keep bacteria from communicating, which may help save surgical patients from dying of infection. Copyright 2005 The University of Chicago.

Cinema and its Ancestors: The Magic of Motion

Film historian Tom Gunning examines an important precursor to modern film: the magic lantern. He considers the eighteenth and nineteenth century's fascination with this new, very modern way of experiencing images and how this form of visual media ushe...

Myths of Self-Masquerade

University of Chicago Divinity School Professor Wendy Doniger explores the cultural fascination with pretending to be another version of oneself, a popular theme in film, theater, and literature. Copyright 2005 The University of Chicago.

Detecting Cosmic Rays: The Auger Observatory and Frontier Science

University of Chicago astrophysicist Angela Olinto discusses high energy cosmic rays and a new observatory determined to find their origins. Copyright 2005 The University of Chicago.

Survival and Diversity on Tatoosh Island

University of Chicago ecologists Cathy Pfister and J. Timothy Wootton journey to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest to examine causes and effects of species extinction. Copyright 2005 The University of Chicago.

Designing Intelligence: Language Acquisition as a Model for Teaching Computers to Learn

By researching how children learn language, computer science professor Partha Niyogi seeks to unlock the secret to programming truly 'intelligent' machines. Copyright 2005 The University of Chicago.

Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terrorism

University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey R. Stone discusses his recent book, which recounts our nation's long history of limiting free speech and civil liberties in times of crisis. Copyright 2004 The University of Chicago.

The Greatest Speech of the Century: FDR's Second Bill of Rights

Law professor Cass R. Sunstein talks about his book on Franklin Delano Roosevelt and brings back from obscurity an important speech: FDR's State of the Union Address of 1944, in which he articulates the idea that human beings have inherent economic an...

The Science of RIA: ATLAS, Hulk and Brute Force Physics

The Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) will be the world's most powerful research accelerator dedicated to producing and exploring new rare isotopes that cannot be found on earth. Tour the ATLAS facility and see why The University of Chicago and Argonne Na...