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Youth/Police Project co-founded by Mandel Legal Aid Clinic at Law School aims to explore, improve relationship between police and minority youth

Chicago Tonight  – 

Article cites Assoc. Prof. Gerald N. Rosenberg, who says backlash against gay marriage movement has been softened by a change in public opinion

New York Times  – 

Article cites Tim Knowles, chairman of UEI, who says suggestion that CPS file for bankruptcy is an attempt to change behavior of teachers’ union, school district leaders

Chicago Tribune  – 

Assoc. Prof. Elisabeth Moyer argues that furor over the debate of climate change hurts the possibility of rational discourse

Forbes  – 

Authors cite Prof. Kerwin Charles, who finds that absent black men disrupt family formation, leading to low marriage rates, higher rates of childbirth outside marriage

New York Times  – 

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