Laszlo Babai
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Babai specializes in complexity theory, algorithms, combinatorics, asymptotic group theory, and the many interactions among these fields. In 1993 he received the international Gödel Prize in theoretical computer science for developing the concept of interactive proofs, which helped reshape the landscape of the theory of algorithms. In 1994 he was a plenary speaker at the quadrennial International Congress of Mathematicians, a coveted honor in the field. In an indication of potential applications of his foundation work to emerging technologies, so-called “Babai points” in n-dimensional grids have been widely cited in the area of mobile communications. A native of Budapest, Hungary, Babai is one of the founders of the highly acclaimed study-abroad program “Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (1985). In 2005, he launched the prominent open-access journal Theory of Computing. His other honors include election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the University’s Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

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