UnCommon Core | Public Life and the Life of the Mind

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June 7, 2014
June 20, 2014


Leon R. Kass, LAB’54, SB’58, MD’62, Addie Clark Harding Professor Emeritus of Social Thought and in the College; Madden-Jewett Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Michael Shakman, AB’62, AM’64, JD’66, Partner, Shakman & Beem LLP
Bret Stephens, AB’95, Foreign Affairs Columnist and Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal Faculty Moderator
Nathan Tarcov, Professor of Social Thought and Political Science in the College

Join 2014 Alumni Award recipients Kass, Shakman, and Stephens in conversation with Tarcov as they reflect on their careers and share their thoughts on how their UChicago experiences helped inform their work thus far. Whether it’s fighting political patronage, challenging citizens to face the facts of our current state of foreign affairs, or helping to find common ground on issues related to bioethics, each of our alumni award recipients have made important contributions in the world of politics. Come hear their stories and be challenged by their work. This panel is cosponsored by the Alumni Board of Governors and the Institute of politics.