Science and Serendipity: Happenstance and Other Factors Underlying Accidental Discoveries (Short Video)

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May 21, 2014
June 18, 2014


“Science and Serendipity” short video explores the role of happenstance and other factors contributing to accidental discoveries. With: Karin D. Knorr Cetina, Otto Borchert Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and of the Social Sciences in the College; Nancy J. Cox, Ph.D., Professor and Section Chief, Section of Genetic Medicine, Department of Medicine; Professor, Department of Human Genetics; Ron Lipton, Senior Scientist, Fermilab; Peter Littlewood: Director, Argonne National Laboratory; Matt Tirrell, Professor and Founding Pritzker Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering; and Willard Zangwill, Professor Emeritus, Chicago Booth.

The video first aired on May 21, 2014 as part of the ninth in a Series of Joint Speaker events for University Faculty and Argonne and Fermilab Scientists, Researchers and Engineers which took place at the Chicago Innovation Exchange.

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